Farm STEMterprise

Maple Class had an exciting visit from Jennie Devine from the NFU. She taught us how to produce, budget for and market a product. We enjoyed making tortilla wraps and inventing new flavours!

                                        Tasting different flavours of wraps.
                                       Designing logos and slogans.

                                        Mixing the dough.

                                          Getting stuck in!
                                             Watching the wrap cook.
                                         Rolling out the dough in to circles.

                                                  Enjoying our wraps.

International Day

The children in Maple enjoyed a day of culture, on Thursday, as they attended workshops organised by fellow peers.  Maple children found out about different currencies, traditions and even got to try a fantastic feast of food, kindly donated by families and companies that the children wrote to.  There was an enormous breadth of learning, from singing songs in French to trying Chinese chopsticks.  A wonderful morning was enjoyed by all.